An Intimate Craft

Harding & Wilson is the creative outlet through which we express our style, ideas and preferences. Sourcing materials local to the Pacific Northwest, we pay homage to the region and the people that have come to shape our lives.

We draw a great deal of inspiration from the hard working mentality and business models of the early 20th century. We take pride in not only creating a quality product, but creating relationships along the way. Making each product by hand, our ties convey a sense of intimacy that could not be replicated otherwise. It is our hope that you will find an honesty not just in our word, but in our products as well.

A high standard of quality, rich history and deep roots in Portland made Pendleton wool an ideal selection for this neckwear. From concept to product, we design and produce all of our ties in house. Whether it be the contrast stitching or the hand stamped packaging, every bow tie shines with its own individual character. 

We strive to merge turn-of-the-century styling with our Northwest influences. The quality, detail and simplicity of our ties allow them to effortlessly transition between casual and formal wear. Our goal is to create something that might outlive its initial owner, that generations can share the tradition we now share with you.

hand stamped packaging